About Me

Hi I'm Jenna,
a 17 year old, kiwi who is trying to race all around the world, with the ultimate dream of representing New Zealand at a pinnacle event. I am in my final year of Baradene College in Auckland through which I was first introduced to cycling 6 years ago. Since little 11 year old me, hopped on my first road bike, cycling is all I've wanted to do.

From small beginnings where I thought the hardest race ever was a 16km TTT along Auckland's dead flat waterfront! I've managed to compete in many regional, national and most recently international events.

In this blog I share, my experiences of these events, the ups and downs of racing and also the people behind the scenes who make all this possible.

You can contact me through email: jenna.merrick.nz@gmail.com,
or follow me on instagram: @jennamerrick

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