Sunday, 8 December 2013

AKSS Track Cycling Champs

Over the last 4 Sundays  I have competed in the first Auckland Secondary Schools Track Cycling Competition at the Manukau Velodrome. Due to the numbers in the Baradene team I joined an U15 boys team, with my brother Aidan and Jamie Leitch. Each race day had 4 events including one team event, although most of the races were individual each rider earned points for their team. It is always a great experience riding with the boys, they are very fast and have a completely different style of racing; fast and furious. As the races went on I learnt how to hold my own, ride smartly to my advantage and by the end I managed to get a couple of placings. Our composite team were probably the 'underdogs' of the competition, with only 3 riders who were all at least younger than the rest but in our Italian pursuit we proved that anything was possible, beating the slick Auckland Grammar team! By the end of the competition we had accumulated enough points to place 2nd in the U15 boys division and 3rd in the Overall Boys School division. It was a fun event full of new learning and just a good, valuable experience.
Line up for Italian Pursuit 

In among the racing

Final sprint

Match sprint final

Battling on the track

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